April 19, 2024
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Ukomu Igala Cries Out Over Violence in Igala Land

The Ukomu Igala Organisation (UIO) has cried out over the unsavoury security situation in Igala land which has led to fear, apprehension, and rampant bloodshed in the nine local government areas.

In a statement jointly signed by its National Leader, Mr David Abutu, and National Secretary, Dr Sabastine Abu, the organization expressed worry over kidnapping, armed robbery, murder and violent attacks, which have taken over Igala land.
The statement reads thus: “The attention of Ukomu Igala Organisation (UIO), the umbrella body for all socio-cultural and political organizations in Kogi East Senatorial District, has been drawn to the unsavoury security situation in Igala land, leading to fear, apprehension, and rampant bloodshed in the nine local government areas.

The most worrisome are instances of kidnapping, armed robbery, cold blood murder, and violent attacks, which have taken over Igala land. There are many instances of violent killings in villages and farmlands, kidnapping for ransom, and raiding of villages. Below are a few of them:

  1. Kidnap of Onu Iyankpe, a suburb of Bagana in Omala Local Government Area of Kogi State. He was killed after his assailants collected ransom in April 2021.
  2. On July 18, a medical doctor, Dr. Solomon Nidiamaka, working with General Hospital Ugwolawo, in Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi state was kidnapped by gunmen.
  3. On September 6, 2021, Mrs. Fatimetu Ishaku, the General Manager of Radio Kogi at Ochaja was kidnapped.
  4. On September 11, 2021, one Idris Bala was killed by criminal Fulani herdsman at Ojapata Oganigu.
  5. Multiple kidnapping in Ejule, Eyele, and Ochadamu Umori axis in Ofu Local Government Area.
  6. Multiple kidnappings at Itobe-Ojodu axis.
  7. Frequent kidnapping between Inwele and Igah-Ikeje, especially at Adumu village, in Igah District of Olamaboro Local Government Area by suspected criminal Fulanis.
  8. House-to-house attack on POS operators in Abejukolo in July. Four POS operators were robbed.
  9. Constant invasion and burgling of homes in many villages in Igala land. The criminals operate with impunity, as they are usually more armed than local vigilantes.
  10. Killing of four persons at Otutubatu (Bagana) in Omala LGA in kidnap incident recently.
  11. In many Igala communities, farmers cannot access their farmlands due to incessant attacks by Fulani herdsmen.

These acts of violence are not hidden; they are known to our security operatives, but none of them has been investigated to a logical conclusion. With very few persons being arrested, probed, and punished, impunity has continued to grow and gain more ground in Kogi East. Therefore, many communities in Igala land are being deprived of their legitimate sources of business, while, our elite in towns and cities find it difficult to visit the place of their birth for fear of being attacked or kidnapped.

This organization is also peeved by the multiplicity of criminal minds in leaps and bounds in Igala, which can be traced to dirty politics, witnessed in the 2019 governorship election in the state. Ukomu Igala has noted with grave concern how the youths were armed with weapons of mass destruction to disrupt the electoral process, causing mayhem, arson, and murder during the period.

One of the instances was the inhuman and gruesome killing of Mrs. Salome Abuh, a woman leader and a community activist, who was burnt alive in her family house in Ochadamu, in Ofu Local government on 18 November 2021. The organization is forced to believe that the spiralling of criminality in Igala land is not unconnected with arms and ammunition made available to political thugs to subvert the election.  The weapons, it has been noted, are still in possession of the political thugs, who may be using them for selfish criminal purposes.

Igala people are naturally peace-loving. No society can grow in an atmosphere of instability and lack of peace.

The organization cannot stand and watch, with lamentation, while a land renowned for peace is being desecrated and destroyed by Fulani bandits and local criminal elements. Ukomu Igala condemns the criminal attack and calls on the security agencies to find an enduring solution to the recurring situation, which has brought untold hardship and sorrow to the community, over the years.



  1. We call on the state government, working with security agencies, local government chairmen, traditional rulers, and security experts, to put in place an effective security arrangement to respond to the peculiar challenges facing Igala land and Kogi State at large. This abnormal situation demands a peculiar approach to the growing criminality.
  2. We call for an investigation into killings, robberies, and rampant kidnapping in Kogi East, to ensure that the masterminds of these criminal activities are captured and made to face the music. The state government must join hands with security agencies to replicate military operations against bandits in Zamfara State especially, to smoke out criminals who have made life unbearable in Kogi East.
  3. The police and other security agencies must respond to distress calls from communities in Igala land. Most times, the police do not respond to distress calls from villagers when they are being raided by bandits. The people in Igala land are Nigerians and deserve to be protected, as stipulated in the Nigerian Constitution.
  4. The Nigeria Police Force should deploy more policemen in Igala land as, in most districts, there are hardly up to a dozen policemen.
  5. The federal government should establish military barracks in Igala land to complement the efforts of the other security agencies.
  6. In collaboration with the security agencies, the state government should use all measures possible, to mop up or retrieve the dangerous weapons still left in the hands of the political thugs in question.
  7. UIO calls on all communities in Igala land to put in place dependable and formidable Community Security outfits, which could assist the efforts of the security agencies.
  8. Towards this end, traditional institutions are admonished to be pillars of support and encouragement for all efforts geared toward promoting security and peace.




Mr David Abutu                                            Dr Sabestin Abu

National Leader,                                           National Secretary

Ukomu Igala Organization.                        Ukomu Igala Organization

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