July 15, 2024
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Ukomu Igala Applauds the Emergence Of New Ata Igala

Ukomu Igala Organisation (UIO), the Apex Voice of Igala Kingdom has applauded the emergence of Prince Alaji Matthew M. Opaluwa Oguche as Ata Igala designate.

The organization also congratulates the beneficiary, Prince Opaluwa on his well-deserved selection, adding that the Igala kingdom needs a person of his comportment, exposure, clout, and experience on the royal throne of his ancestors, at this point in time.

It urges the Ata Igala-designate to ensure that all contending forces to the throne are reconciled in the interest of peace and progress of the Igala kingdom.

The UIO also commends the state government for listening to the voice of the Kingmakers to the throne of Ata Igala and all those involved in the selection process.

Ukomu Igala expresses optimism that the selection of Prince Opaluwa would speed up the process of peace, unity, reconciliation, and progress of Igala land.

It urges those that may have been aggrieved among the royal bloodline to sheath their swords and work towards a successful coronation of the new Ata Igala.

UIO calls on all Igala sons and daughters all over the world to ensure that all hands are on deck for an eventful coronation and peaceful reign of the new royal father.

The Apex Voice of Igala Kingdom urges the state government and all those responsible for the coronation to start the process without delay.

It assures the Ata Igala designate of full and undiluted support, at all times, in the interest of the progress of Igala land.

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