April 23, 2024
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Over 130 killed in Kaduna in 6 months

No fewer than 130 persons have been killed in Kaduna State this year, according to media reports.
Data mined by this website show that most of the killings took place in Kajuru Local Government Area in Southern Kaduna.

As a result of the killings many women of Southern Kaduna came out in their numbers to protest on the streets on Thursday, some of them half-naked. Their action was to register their displeasure over the unabated massacre of the people of Southern Kaduna.

Some of the protesting women wore black cloths with patches of black all over their bodies. The ended their protest at the palace of Atak Njei, Agwamatyap Palace (Sarkin Atyap palace) of Zangon Kataf local government area of Kaduna State.

They claimed that the continued killings had taken away their breadwinners, parents, sisters, brothers, husbands and children, adding that today the majority of them are widows.

They also wept over their farmlands which have been taken over by bandits. They claimed to have been denied access to their ancestral farmlands and have been threatened with death by bandits.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai described the killings as “inhuman and unfortunate”.

The women cried and rolled themselves on the ground demanding for justice.

Their communities have been under a series of attack leading to killings of innocent people.

Following the crisis, killings and destruction of properties in the troubled area, Kaduna State government had imposed curfew in the area.

The protesting women said, they were calling on relevant stakeholders, government, security agencies and the international community to come to their aid and save them from further killings and destruction of their properties.

“We are also calling on the government to assist us in going back to our farms which is our major source of income, but above all to help stop the killings and bring the perpetrators to book.”

The Federal Government has blamed revenge killings for the protracted crisis in Southern Kaduna, but many Nigerians have rejected this notion.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai described the killings as “inhuman and unfortunate”. He said, “El-Rufai said, “The discussions in our meeting centre on the security of the state.  We will continue to strategise and bring initiatives. As for the recent incident, we condemn what happened. The investigation is in progress. We are deeply committed to sustaining peace in the state.”

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