May 25, 2024
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Kim Jong Un’s Idea of Party Building

How come is the Workers’ Party of Korea advancing victoriously enjoying the absolute support and trust of the Korean people?

The answer could be found in the idea of party building of Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK.

Spirit of Making Selfless, Devoted Efforts for the People

In August last year, extensive flooding hit Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province in the western region of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, demolishing many houses.

It was Kim Jong Un, who was the first to visit the flood-stricken area; on receiving the report, he went there, personally driving his car.

While taking detailed measures on the spot for rehabilitating the village, he asked the local people whether they liked a house for one family or two families. When they said they preferred a house for one family, he saw to it that such houses were built as the farmers wanted.

The leader of the state and the ruling party accepted the request of the farmers as an absolute one.

It was not just in Taechong-ri alone.

When several places were stricken by flood simultaneously, he immediately convened important meetings of the WPK to discuss the measures for stabilizing the life of the victims.

And when he was visiting the east coastal areas hit by a tsunami, he sent an open letter to the WPK members in the capital city to turn out in the rehabilitation of the damaged areas.

While seeing the new houses built better than the former ones on his way of on-the-spot guidance at the flood-stricken areas, he looked around them in detail and asked whether the people liked the houses, saying that the houses should first be convenient for living by the people and inquiring into the layout of the rooms, the height of the ceilings and the kitchen utensils.

It was indeed a vivid scene showing that it is the principle of activities of the WPK and the mode of its existence to solve all the problems raised in the living of the people, take responsible care of their destiny and make selfless, devoted efforts for them.

It is no wonder that the Korean people support the WPK, calling it a motherly party.


Building a “Servant Party” for the People

Mothers call themselves servants for their children before being seniors to them. They satisfy the requests, whatever they are, if their children make them, but do not claim any reward.

Kim Jong Un’s idea of the Party building is that the WPK should be built into a “servant party” for the people, which does not mind doing anything if it is for the sake of the people to live up to the great trust of the people who call it motherly Party.

When the flood victims in Taechong-ri were staying in the office building of the county Party committee until new houses were built for them, the county Party committee officials worked in tents and looked after the life of the victims.

It was not because there were no other buildings in which the victims could stay nor other people who could take care of their life.

It was because the main principle of the WPK is to show concern first for the people, who have suffered misfortune, and take warm care of their life.

Kim Jong Un does his utmost to satisfy the people’s demands and defend their interests.

Even though the country is experiencing difficulties, he saw to it that modern bases for cultural and leisure activities, including a ski resort, a water park, and hot spring resort, and specialist hospitals furnished with up-to-date facilities were built so that the people could enjoy the benefits of modern civilization and free medical care.

Now in various places of the DPRK large-scale construction is underway to build 50 000 flats in the capital city and 25 000 houses in a leading nonferrous metals mining area in five years from this year.

Worthy of note is that these projects are being conducted under unfavorable conditions–the continuing global health crisis and the persistent sanctions by the hostile forces. However, the will of the WPK to implement these projects without fail for the people is invariable.

It is quite natural that the WPK is advancing victoriously enjoying absolute support of the people whatever the adversity.

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