June 15, 2024
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Katsina Governor-elect Radda setting the pace

By Olawale Oluwabusola

During a recent interview on a national television, the Katsina State Governor-elect, Dr. Dikko Umar Radda,  made it clear that on assumption of office on May 29, 2023, he  would not accept the nomenclature of ‘His Excellency ‘.

According to him, “I don’t want that title to get into my head; I just want to be a normal person. And I think that was one of the  major reasons you see some people becoming so arrogant in discharging their responsibilities.  This is a mandate given to us by the people, and we shouldn’t be intimidating the people. Rather, we should face them and do the right thing for their development.”

From the above statement, it is evident that the governor, elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC),  is set to run a people-oriented administration.

We shouldn’t be intimidating the people

Although this is not surprising because he set the tone prior to the March 18 governorship election. He distinguished himself during the political campaign as the only  candidate  that visited all the 361 political wards in Katsina State, including the areas under security threat. He took the trouble in order to have direct interaction with the people, and also in many instances he slept in the  areas visited.

No wonder he received overwhelming votes of 859,892 during the just concluded election to defeat his closest contender, the PDP’s Yakubu Lado, who garnered a total vote of 486,620. With the votes margin of 373,272 between him and his closest rival in the election, Dikko Radda remains the only candidate in the country that won his governship election with such margin of difference. The testament of Dikko’s wide acceptability among the populace was resounding in every nook and cranny of the state.

Dikko Umar Radda is a product of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua’s political camp. The same tutelage that produced the former Governor of the State, Ibrahim Shehu Shema, whose outstanding performance as a  governor  remains a reference point to date.

Although there are many who passed through the tutelage of the late Yar’adua,  only very few were committed to his political teachings and practice. The few are  those who eventually graduated with certification in good character and exemplary conduct in public service.  These are the only sets of people who remain committed to Yar’adua’s family and his ideals to date.

He took the trouble in order to have direct interaction with the people

In supporting the above position, during his post-election interview with journalists, Dikko said, “Yar’adua mentored me and brought me into the limelight of the politics. He was the first person to appoint  me as the chairman caretaker committee of local government, and that is how I came into the limelight of politics in the state and in the country, and I think I must be  grateful to him. I learnt a lot of things from him. And if I don’t do something similar to what he taught me, I think it is a betrayal.” There is no doubt about the fact that Katsina State is blessed to have Dikko  Radda as the incoming governor of the state.

One of his key engagements after he was issued the certificate of return as Katsina State Governor-elect, Dikko Radda held closed door meeting at the State House of Assembly complex with the members- Elect, the essence of which was on how to  Foster cordial relationship between the executive and legislature to enhance speedy delivery of dividends of good governance for the people of the state. For instance, he has already hinted at assigning a team of lawyers to provide a legal framework on boosting the state internally generated revenue by forwarding a bill to the State House of Assembly immediately it is inaugurated.

Yar’adua mentored me and brought me into the limelight of the politics

Also, at the time, many of his colleagues were busy in the euphoria of winning an election in many states in the country, Dikko has been busy preparing what is now popularly called ‘ Strategic Policy Document ‘ of the  incoming administration.  He has set up five different committees to review the document.  The committees are Land Reform and Katsina City Masterplan headed by Prof. Faisal; Education Reform Committee with Prof Ismail Zango as the chairman; Public Sector Reform Committee with former Katsina State head of service, Alh. Lawal Aliyu Daura as the chairman; Agricultural Reform Committee with Arc Ibrahim Kebram as the chairman; and also Internally Generated Revenue Committee which has Prof Sani Mashi as the chairman.

Dikko said it without mincing words that he “will post people based on merit, based on capacity, capability and skills.” He has started walking the talk, and from all indications, Katsina State is set on the part of restoration of lost glory and massive infrastructural development that will lead to the great transformation of the state.

He has made it clear that he will not be a governor who will shy away from his primary responsibility of providing security for the people of the state.  He pledged to use technology and involve residents of rural communities in tackling insecurity challenges confronting the state. ” As a Governor of a State, you can’t fold your hands, and people will be slaughtering your people, and you continue to watch because Police and the Army are not under  your control.

As a Governor of a State, you can’t fold your hands, and people will be slaughtering your people

What I intend to do, if I am sworn into office, is to  involve the locals… we will fish out young people who have what it takes to join the Police or Army, and will train them and give them necessary equipment they may needed and join them with  conventional security so that they can protect their fathers, mothers and children.”

Katsina State Governor-elect will hit the ground running. He has demonstrated his capacity and capability to turn things around for good in the state.  He has shown willingness and preparedness to restore the people’s confidence in government through purposeful leadership. Dikko has exhibited traits that confirmed that he has what he takes to lead the  state to the promised land.

Katsina residents will soon smile again

He not only pledged to run an all-inclusive government but also assured that the people’s input will be sought before taking critical decisions by his administration.  His passion to set the state on the  right part of economic recovery is worthy of note.

Other winners of gubernatorial election across the country have a lot to learn from the steps taken so far by the Katsina State Governor- elect.  Dikko’s humility and sense of dedication to governance that he exhibited so far is legendary.  If he continues at the  pace he has started, the insecurity challenges facing the state will soon be a history, and Katsina residents will soon smile again.

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