July 14, 2024
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Kashim Shettima’s Mega Legacy of Hope

Some bequeath concrete accomplishments; others bequeath abstract statistics. Some bequeath reasons for serving modestly, in fulfilment of their covenant with their people; others bequeath excuses for failing to serve, breaching the trust of their people. Some bequeath legacies of hope; others bequeath legacies of hopelessness.
So, is the tradition of elective and public office holders vacating offices at the expiration of their tenures. Some strut out of their tenured capacities with pride and honour, radiating the fulfilment of covenant; others trudge out of their tenured capacities with shame and indignity, stinking of untrustworthiness.
It is all about the deployment of capacity, diligence and purposefulness in the discharge of the responsibilities entrusted in the elective and public officers, according to the needs and aspirations of the respective entities they are, by their respective capacities, destined to serve.
Kashim Shettima exudes the confidence of vacating the office of Borno State governor, bequeathing for public assessment what he presents as spectacular Mega Legacies, to serve as the ever-gushing fountains of hope suckling his severely ailing state to a purposeful recovery, growth and prosperity.
This is what he believes the projects he calls Mega Legacies of Hope should do for posterity.
The most recent of the Mega Legacies – Mega Industrial cluster, presents itself to the public, to be scanned and seen exactly as it is, in the fashion of a Xerox-scanned script; not to be reviewed in the fashion of biographies, autobiographies, critiques etc., gravitating from do-good biographers and cynical critics, deluging book shelves and every Bibliotheca.
Scanning the Mega industrial Project would show it exactly as it is, free from all the encomia, appellations, unnecessary embellishments and cynical criticisms that litter reviews, blinding the public from seeing the seeable exactly as it is.

The Mega Industrial Park, recently commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari, has in it 16 plants for manufacturing of different products that are mostly agricultural related.
Although each of the 16 plants manufacturers different products, some of them are assembled to share one factory hall under a modern integrated concept that ensures efficient space and other resources utilization.
The 16 plants include a Solar panels production plant with optimum capacity to annually produce panels that can generate 120 megawatts; another plant for manufacturing of elementary school desks and chairs‎ and a plant for manufacturing of drip irrigation pipes.
Others include: PVC pipes production plant; Tomatoes processing plant; Onions and Ginger dehydration plant; Pilot juice processing plant; Cassava processing plant; Table water line plant; and Corn chips production plant.

The industrial hub also comprises Biscuits production plant; Grains and cement ‎sacks production plant; Green house nets production plant; Canopy shade nets production plant; and Plastic mats production plant‎.
The park was designed for the localization of factories that share resources which include raw materials, electricity, security amongst others, with room for attraction of more industries in future.
The Kashim Shettima administration initiated the industrial hub project as a bold and ambitious project of constructing an Industrial Park in Maiduguri as part of its far reaching responses to the monumental economic setbacks caused by the Boko Haram terror in Borno State.

The Mega Industrial Project is expected to, most crucially, open expansive regions of opportunities of employment for the massive population of youths in not only Borno State but the entire Northeast region, who have been the most veritable source if recruitment by the Boko Haram terrorists.
It is also expected to bolster and manifold the state’s internally generated revenue (IGR), which is expected to empower the state to inject enough funds into many more spheres of economic activity to stimulate sustainable growth and prosperity.
This is a scan of the Mega Industrial Cluster and what is expected of it for posterity.
It is not a review.

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