May 23, 2024
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Inexhaustible strength of the DPRK

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is dynamically advancing to attain the status of a powerful socialist country it chose, breaking through the obstacles of history.

Then, what is the source of inexhaustible strength which repels all sorts of challenges and leads this country?

The single-hearted unity, by which the leader and the people have achieved an integrated whole by bonds of human feeling, is unique to Korea.

The human feeling between the leader and the people is the leader’s true heart of loving his people and the people’s yearning for their leader.

Kim Jong Un’s affection for the people is ennobling in that it is the warmest and most sincere.

I have to endure every manner of severe hardship and even defy death for the sake of the people–this is his spirit of making selfless, devoted efforts for the people.

Wherever he goes, he shows his keen affection for the people. When he visited a worker couple’s family who had moved to a new house in Changjon Street, Pyongyang, he proposed the toast to them. And when he met the girl triplets who volunteered to settle in the city in a northernmost, alpine region of the country, he told them to write a letter to him after getting married to good men.

He had baby homes, orphanages and primary and middle schools for orphans built in Pyongyang and in provinces across the country; and when he visited the baby homes and orphanages, he embraced the children with parental affection.

Deeply moved by his devoted efforts and sincere and warm affection, the Korean people support and follow him as they would do their father.

Their human feeling towards him reflects their thanks to and yearning for him.

They regard it as the greatest joy of their life to see him even from afar and as the glory of their life to devote themselves to carrying out his instructions and supporting his leadership.

Kim Jong Un’s inborn trait–affection for the people–is the source of single-hearted unity which encourages all the people to say the same in one voice and keep in step with one another, a driving force of creation and transformation, which makes it possible to achieve greatest successes in the grimmest trials, and the great strength of the DPRK.

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