April 20, 2024
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‘Humanity First’ clocks 25 Years

As an international humanitarian organization, Humanity First, clocks 25 years in service to mankind, Nigerians who have benefitted from its popular programme tagged the ‘Gift of Sight’, will have cause to commend its good works inclusive of community services for the good of society.

Regarding the stated ’Gift’, it concerns the eyes. Your eyes are windows to your body in the sense that 80 per cent of what we feel or perceive comes through the sense of sight. Experts, optometrists to be precise can spot health conditions by just taking a glance at your eyes.

A quick eye examination by medical doctors indicate that the vital organ could detect high cholesterol, high blood pressure, liver disease, brain tumor, diabetes and various blood situations in the body by just a glance.

Going by the expert opinion, Cataract which gradually clouds your vision could make you blind same as Glaucoma, a more serious eye defect. Granting the gift of sight is one, out of the numerous activities of Humanity First, the international non-profit making and humanitarian relief organization which has been making waves in Nigeria.

It was established to promote and safeguard human life and dignity. For instance in offering free eye surgery, the organization aims to protect the eyes of hundreds of persons, mostly aged men and women in the areas where they had conducted free eye camps for the visually impaired to reduce the odds of blindness while enhancing protective maintenance of their health.

Spokesperson of Humanity First, Nigeria, Dr. Mudasar Ahmad Ahmad said 1,498Nigerians have so far benefitted from eye operations conducted at AhmadiyyaHospital in Kano state. They include traders, artisans, journalists, health personnelamongst others.

“Hundreds, have since 2017 benefitted from free Cataract operations carried out on forty patients every month free of charge with the cost to Himanity First, at N1, 200,000.00.

“About N 12,000,000 to N14, 000,000 every year is spent up till date”. Earlier established in the United Kingdom in 1995, Humanity First now operates in more than 50 countries across the world, Nigeria inclusive.

The Nigeria chapter of the organization since 2005, is affiliated today Canada for funding of her major activities. Since then, the organization has been very active in the execution of various programmes in line with its objectives of providing relief to people bedeviled by natural disaster, conflicts, and total neglect of the civic responsibilities of established authorities.

Its core objective is to build humanity for greater success in the world. These have through strategic programs to reach out to the less privilege, it renders help to orphans, provides Education and skills acquisition to enable people gain knowledge that will impact their Lives.

Humanity First, HF had also constructed boreholes in remote villages and distributed food to cushion the hardship of people, and intensified the gesture in order to ensure food security especially as Covid-19 Pandemic ravages.

These giant strides of Humanity First in northern Nigeria, extended to the Western part of the country where it constructed and commissioned a Cottage Clinic for the people of Okooko in Oyo state in 2019 for their health needs at subsidized rates.

HF also initiated women empowerment programme at Ilaro, Ogun State for their self-sufficiency and enable them fend for their families while two Primary Schools were constructed at Igbo-Oruwo in Iwajowa Local Government Area, and Iye Osa Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State, with full sponsorship granted to a teacher (NCE) to improve his teaching skills.

The organization believes that access to clean water is a right and not a privilege. Boreholes were therefore sunk in not less than Fifteen (15) villages including: Idoleyin (Ogun State), Igbo-Oruwo and Okooko (Oyo State), Enabo and Ogbagede (Kogi State) etc to curb previously extreme lack of potable water. Arrangements are on-going to sink more boreholes in many more areas across Nigeria.

The HF said regarding donation of cattle during festivity, more than twelve thousand less privileged people benefited from the ‘Qurbani’ program with cows and rams provided to enable them celebrate Eidul Adha annually for the past four years since the animal donation started.

For more than five years, quite a good number of orphans are being cared for comprehensively while the orphans stay with their foster parents. Just in December 2019 more than N1, 500,000.00 was released by Canada which was spread out for over ten orphan who are currently being cared for.

During the intense lockdown, a strategy imposed by the Government to curb the spread of Covid 19, Humanity First Nigeria provided food items worth over 1,300,000 naira as palliative measures to 2,500 individuals who received 560 packs of food items ranging from rice, beans, garri, spaghetti, Noodles. Strategically, and in order to sustain feeding of the poor in the Society during the Pandemic and at other times, HF initiated a food bank policy to further mitigate the Pandemic, Covid- 19 by organizing its personnel to assess, determine and cater for the needs of people in different locations across the country.

Humanity First has not left out the sick and disabled persons in their scheme as they are also being catered for through donation of clothings, for women, children and youths in three villages, Shamo, Ibudo Yellow, Okooko in Oyo State and is also in the forefront of provision of relief during flood disasters like in Abuja in 2017 when it reached out to the homeless people who suffered great loss to flood.

To complement government’s effort to stop the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic, keep to the instructions on the use of Face Mask to prevent spread of Covid 19, Humanity First Nigeria, looked inwards for mass production of face masks through the help of volunteer Lajna members leading to the production of more than 26,000 face Masks, freely distributed to the teeming populace.

The organization commends those who have contributed in no small measure to its achievements like Canada which, donations and sponsorship, Philanthropists magnanimity have impacted the development of HF, as well as numerous mosques in Nigeria and volunteers to further the cause of the NGO.


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