June 15, 2024
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Group advocates justice for relations of families of terrorism, insurgency victims

A nonpolitical, peace and unity organization, One Nigeria Group, has called for justice for the relations of victims killed by insurgency and terrorist groups in the country.
The national leader of the group, Muhammad Saleh, made the call at Unity Fountain, Abuja, during a rally organized by the group to condemn the nefarious activities of terrorist groups, particularly IPOB, which leader, Nnamdi Kanu, is standing trial for treason and felony.
He noted that influential personalities that throng courts when cases of suspects alleged to be responsible for such killings go on, should steer clear or be arrested and allow judges to do their job so that justice could take its course.
He expressed worries that such influence had the potentials to not only disrupt but also hamper justice processes.
 “Relations of Nigerians that were killed by terrorist groups, particularly IPOB, Boko Haram, and other insurgents deserve justice. One Nigeria Group is out here this morning as the mouthpiece of innocent and voiceless Nigerians that are dying in silence due to the fact that their loved ones were killed without mercy,” Saleh said.
“Security personnel that chose not to sleep for us to sleep are being killed every day. We hereby demand justice for them and their families.
“We also say no to intimidation of our judges sitting to serve justice and uphold the constitution of our country.
Justice must be served, and all Nigerians must live and function within the
ambits of the law.
“We are here to tell all separatists and terrorists that their mission is a mission impossible and
they have failed because the unity of our country is even growing stronger.

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