May 23, 2024
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‘Feature of the Workers’ Party of Korea’

The Workers’ Party of Korea carries out without fail whatever it is determined to do.

What is the secret then?

First, it solves all the problems relying on the people.

It is its will that nothing is impossible as long as it believes the people and relies on them.

By relying on the people, it unhesitatingly makes any strategic decision that would entail a huge cost and launches ambitious operations for rapid development in socialist construction.

Regarding this trust in them as priceless, the Korean people display inexhaustible strength in the struggle for safeguarding and building socialism.

It is inconceivable apart from such reality that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea creates one world-startling success after another in strengthening its military power and economic construction under unprecedentedly severe circumstances.

Second, the Party implements everything by dint of unflinching offensives.

It possesses a firm principle of independence of doing everything according to its own faith and determination no matter what others may say, an indomitable will with which to brave challenges and difficulties, the revolutionary spirit of continuing advance without resting on its laurels even a moment, and the ability to achieve things that have taken other countries several decades through a single leap.

Thanks to such unflinching offensives, the DPRK has become a strategic state with complete national defence capability and achieved many significant successes in economic construction, in the face of all challenges and difficulties.

Third, the Party guides the people by dint of scientific leadership.

All lines and policies it has recently put forward, including the strategic line of concentrating all efforts on socialist economic construction and the idea of making a leap forward by dint of science and guaranteeing future by dint of education, and the planning for and guidance to their implementation, are based on scientific judgment on specific conditions and objective reality of the country.

The country witnesses unprecedented innovations in all fields of politics, military affairs, the economy and culture, and the machinations of the hostile forces to isolate and suffocate it cut no ice with it. This reality clearly proves the scientific accuracy of the leadership of the WPK.

Fourth, the Party’s leadership is future-oriented.

It is one of the Party’s major principles in the socialist construction that it should complete things as many as possible and in a perfect way for the coming generations even though circumstances are currently difficult.

Many creations in the country are imbued with the ideal and ambition of the Party to do everything possible for the people’s wellbeing and the future.

The bright future of the country is firmly guaranteed by the leadership of the Party which encourages the people to plan and execute everything in development- and creation-oriented and future-oriented way, not in a patching-up manner and prototype-copying way.

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