June 14, 2024
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Faith of the Korean people

If man has faith he is successful in his life and if the people have faith the country is promised victory, they say.

The reality of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) confirms its relevance.

During the past decades, the Korean people, despite facing severe trials, have never lost faith or wavered.

After the liberation (August 15, 1945) of Korea from Japanese occupation, the DPRK, the first democratic and popular state in Asia, was founded on September 9, 1948. Since then, it has been known to the world as a country of mystery.

The two-year-old DPRK won the three-year war (1950-1953) against allied imperialist forces, showing its spirit and steadfastness to the world.

Korea was able to complete in three years its post-war reconstruction, started from zero and then, achieved in just 14 years its socialist industrialization, surprising the whole world again.

Towards the end of the last century, as socialism collapsed successively in several countries, the international community judged that so would be the case for Korea as well.

At the time, the Western world regarded the “collapse of Korea” as a fait accompli, presenting its reality as a “Gloomy winter”

However, the Korean people have defended socialism against the concentrated anti-socialist offensive of the imperialist coalition and thus ushered in a new era, that of the building of socialist power.

All these victories obtained over several decades against the trials encountered are inconceivable without the faith of the Korean people.

The more difficulties put him to the test, the more he united around his leader, strengthening himself in his faith in the righteousness of his cause and in victory.

Last year, the international community was able to get a better idea of ​​this.

As a global health crisis loomed, the DPRK suffered successive unprecedented natural disasters. In addition, the Koreans have had to go through severe hardship because of the extreme sanctions applied by the hostile forces.

However, they did not get discouraged.

They built, with their unwavering will, magnificent new homes in the disaster areas and laid a solid foundation for a better tomorrow.

On the occasion of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea earlier this year, which put forward a new five-year plan for the state’s economic development, the Korean people have become more firm in their faith.

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