May 23, 2024
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Cameroon govt to help Archbishop who developed cure for COVID-19

By ChiefBisong Etahoben

Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health has dispatched a team of government pharmacists to Douala, the country’s economic capital, to meet with the Archbishop of Douala, His Grace Samuel Kleda and discuss on how best government can assist in advancing the production of his Covid-19 herbal cure which he calls “Essential Oils”.

The Minister of Public Health Dr. Manaouda Malachie announced April 27 that he had been in contact with Archbishop Kleda and that he and the prelate had agreed that a team of pharmacists be sent to Douala to evaluate the process through which he obtains the herbal remedy.

In another development, the Minister revealed that he was reflecting on engaging with Madagascar authorizes in view of acquiring the Covid-Organics treatment developed in that country for use in the treatment of Covid-19 patients in Cameroon.

It should be recalled that Archbishop Kleda announced last week that he had developed a cure for the Covid-19 virus derived from natural plants.

The servant of God revealed that for over thirty years, he had been doing research on medicinal plants, which focus was on the herbal treatment of ailments affecting the respiratory system, just like the coronavirus. He said some staff of the Diocesan Health Services who tested positive for the Covid-19 recovered after taking the herbal treatment he came up with and which he offers free of charge.

“Given that I already knew the plants according to the symptoms of the coronavirus, I have simply put together these combinations, prepared them and given to persons with the symptoms and they were relieved”, Archbishop Kleda told newpeople in Douala.

He said the patients are nurses of the Douala Archdiocese who came in contact with people who tested positive for the coronavirus adding that he finds pleasure seeing that all those who take his concoction are well.

“All we want is that the persons shouldn’t die”, His Grace declared, disclosing that though relieved, the patients are presently being followed-up by the Diocesan Health Services Coordinator who is a medical doctor.

The herbal treatment is currently available free of charge at the premises of Codas Caritas in St.Paul de Nylon in Douala and is reserved only for infected persons.


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