July 13, 2024

World Youth Skill Day: Governor Radda unveils transformative plans for Katsina youths empowerment


By Clement Adeyi

The Katsina State Governor, Mallam Dikko Umaru Radda, has unveiled comprehensive plans to empower and equip youths to secure a transformative future for them.

This was disclosed by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Ibrahim Kaula Mohammed, at the weekend.

In tandem with the global theme for this year, “Skilling Teachers, Trainers and Youth for a Transformative Future,” he stressed the vital role of teachers and trainers in imparting essential skills to young people for their successful integration into the labor market as well as active engagement within their communities.

He added that, under the visionary leadership of Governor Radda, the Building Your Future Strategic Policy had been developed to establish and operationalize a thriving skills ecosystem in Katsina State.

“This initiative aims to attract and nurture local and national talent among the youth, with a particular focus on science, technology, and home-grown innovation. Through strategic partnerships with various sectors including health, education, industry, and agriculture, the government intends to build skills that have practical applications, enabling the youth to contribute effectively to the socio-economic growth of the state,” he added.

“To achieve the socio-economic transformation envisioned by the Building Your Future Strategic Policy, Katsina State recognizes the urgent need to develop a wide range of skills among its labor force.

“Accordingly, the government will revamp the vocational educational system to ensure competitiveness in regional and national markets. A Skills Development Board will be established to coordinate efforts among public and private stakeholders, facilitating outcomes-based vocational education while aligning vocational education strategies with economic and community development strategies.

Mohammed also disclosed that the key initiatives proposed by the government was the establishment of high-quality vocational and technical training centres that included a business enterprise unit, fostering partnerships between students and potential employers. “These centers will also incorporate an industrial attachment programme across all levels of technical education, ensuring practical experience for students,” he said.

“The envisioned Skill Development Centres will focus on meeting the training needs of identified growth sectors, fostering cross-skill capabilities, bridging the gap between education, industry, and training providers, facilitating training in modern technology, business development, and enterprise skills. Continuous professional development for staff members will also be prioritized.

Mohammed also disclosed that the governor’s administration plans to implement several strategic interventions to promote skills development in the state.

“An innovation fund will be operationalized to support local firms in various industries, enabling them to provide apprentice programs that emphasize skills development.
“The government will also implement a state digital literacy programme aimed at improving basic digital literacy among all youth aged 16 to 30 by 2027, with a target of achieving at least 60% digital literacy among adults by the same year.
“This initiative will equip the future workforce of Katsina with essential digital skills, enhancing their competitiveness in national education and employment opportunities. Moreover, efforts will be made to develop local content and ensure accessibility to digital devices, particularly for citizens with disabilities, enabling them to access online services.

“Another significant focus area is research and development, recognized as a key driver of Katsina’s economic transformation, especially in local technology for industrial development. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) will be further promoted to address the challenge of labour market demand-supply mismatch, with a goal to increase the proportion of students pursuing TVET by 50%.

“Governor Dikko Radda’s administration remains committed to empowering the youth of Katsina State with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed. By fostering a robust skills ecosystem, establishing strategic partnerships, and implementing targeted interventions, Katsina State is poised to become a hub of talent and innovation, driving sustainable socio-economic growth.”

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