May 23, 2024
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Shema : Game-changer in Katsina’s 2023 elections

Letter to the Editor

Your Excellency, please pardon me for not seeking your permission or opinion before putting together this write-up.

I knew if I decided to do so, your  principled style of service for national and public interest, and not for public applause, would not allow you to give me the go-ahead.

However, there is a need for the younger generation to learn from your sacrificial style of leadership.

It is a statement of fact that after the late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua laid solid foundation for the progress and development of Katsina State, as the then governor, his immediate successor,  Ibrahim Shehu Shema, turned out to be the catalyst of progressive transformation of the state, hence Shema remains among the key political factors that determine political direction in the state’s politics.

He provided free medicare for women and children

However, to attain this feat, Shema, as a Governor of Katsina State, through prudent management of resources during his eight years administration, executed landmark projects without any loan facility, that marked the progressive turning point in the history of the state.

Projects such as 250- bed orthopaedic and specialist hospital, 361 clinics in 361 political wards in the state.

Governor Shema ensured the implementation of the minimum wage

To his credit was also the introduction of Rural Ambulance Service Scheme in 34 local governments of the state.

Also, his administration built over 3,000 kilometre of roads  across the state; built over 3,500 houses to cater for housing needs of the state; built a new ultra modern Government House, built Umaru Musa Yar’adua University; constructed 35,000 sitting capacity Olympic size stadium; built over 200 newly established secondary schools; established ICT and Business Institute; built Katsina City Mall, Dubai International market; established Youths Craft Village where more than 4,000 youths were trained annually, among other laudable projects.

His administration built over 3,000 kilometre of roads  across the state

It is worth noting that the Shema administration sponsored over 800 Katsina State students to study abroad in critical areas like medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, radiology, computer engineering, etc.

He provided free medicare for women and children, free education for all students in primary and secondary schools, including payment of WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB fees for students in public schools, including non-indigenes.

sectional, tribal, religious, personal or group interests must give way to national and collective interest

Also, Governor Shema ensured the implementation of the minimum wage and prompt payment of workers’ salary between the 22nd and 24th of every month throughout his eight years as governor of the State.

As a  result of his outstanding record of performance while holding public office, it is not surprising that Shema’s name resonates in every nook and cranny of the state despite the fact that he left office almost eight years ago.

It is obvious that any attempt at winning a free and fair election in Katsina while ignoring Shema’s factor is tantamount to an exercise in futility. That is the lesson the PDP leaders at the national level and their collaborators at the state failed to learn in a build up to 2023 elections, which eventually profited the APC and its leaders who recognised Shema’s electoral value and influence which cut across political affiliations, and still continues to do so.

He remains a rising star from the northern part of Nigeria

As a former governor, former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, also Secretary of 113 members of PDP Special National Convention Committee that produced Atiku Abubakar as the party’s presidential candidate for 2023 election, Shema,
in 2023, general elections stood and worked for national interest, fairness, equity, and justice.  He will continue to do so for the progress and development of Nigeria.  He remains a rising star from the northern part of Nigeria, an architect of modern Katsina State. A simple and humble first-rate administrator.

In his statement to the public on the outcome of the just -concluded presidential election, Shema said, “sectional, tribal, religious, personal or group interests must give way to national and collective interest,” and with the political realignment of progressive minds across political parties in 2023 election, Nigeria is set on the part of monumental and great progressive transformation, it is just a matter of time.

Olawale Oluwabusola
Head, Media Team of former Governor Ibrahim Shehu Shema.

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  1. Fantastic write up, until we deliver the Governorship election to APC under his direction for competencies and ability to deliver quality service to the public. Indeed he irreplaceable in the anals of katsina State history. Ignore him at your peril ask the just defeated PDP Presidential candidate. Can’t wait for 18th March 2023.


    Dr. Barrister Shehu Shema is a selfless leader. I have known him for 30 years with a track record of honesty, transparency and in his usual calmness a lover of people and peace. I was eyewitness in August 2014 of Dr. Shehu Shemas laudable and landmark projects in Katsina. I inspected those projects and gave a press briefing of what I saw on ground in Katsina. What I saw in Katsina, hospitals, roads, stadium, University, youth empowerment projects and impactful generational training projects, and others too many to mention here made me desire to return to Nigeria because I never knew such debt free achievements are possible.
    My dear Olawale, your report is an honest one. I would have been surprised if he did anything lesser. Nigeria’s undoing is ignoring competent and creative leaders while fielding mediocrity. The former Governor of Katsina State, His Excellency, Dr. Shehu Shema has so much to do for Nigeria and Nigerians everywhere.

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