April 19, 2024
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PDP Kogi East Senatorial District candidate calls for cancellation of results

By Daniel Adaji

The Kogi East senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji has rejected and called for the cancellation of results of the Senatorial elections in six local governments areas in Kogi State held on Saturday 25 February 2023.

Dr. Adoji made this known in a press statement yesterday 26 February 2023 in Kogi State where he condemned criminal activities of ballot box snatching and distruption of votes in Igala land.

According to the Senatorial candidate, the results were being manipulated in connivance with the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and security operatives.

Read his full statement below

“Our attention has been drawn to the fraudulent manipulations of the electoral process, and invasion of numerous polling units by armed thugs of the APC in connivance with the electoral officials and security agents,” the statement said.

“The APC thugs who were armed with dangerous weapons roaming freely unchecked invaded various polling units majorly across six LGAs in Kogi East scaring electorates, destroying ballot boxes, and carting the BVAS in some cases along with sensitive electoral materials to unknown destinations to declare fictitious results in favour of the APC.

“The entire election results of Dekina LGA, 7 wards in Ofu LGA, 5 wards in Olamaboro LGA, 10 wards in Idah, 11 wards in Ankpa LGA, and 5 wards in Igalamela LGA are hugely doctored and must be cancelled.

Our attention has been drawn to the fraudulent manipulations of the electoral process

“A good number of voters were denied their rights to vote because some of the BVAS machines showed that they had been accredited. How? Who used their PVCs? Or, were some of the BVAS machines preloaded?

“Having created ample grounds, the INEC officials in cahoot with the APC were busy throughout the night tweaking and manipulating votes to the credit of the APC. An INEC official in Ankpa who was not part of the arrangement from above naively stood his grounds and almost paid the ultimate prize. We need to see the result sheets booklets and count to reaffirm that multiple result sheets were used.

“Until the APC achieved their transient end, they intimidated PDP agents, threatened them with deaths of even family members and destruction of anything they own and were forced to sign some of the results at gun and matchete points, in the presence of some INEC officials. Even some areas where INEC announced cancellations of voting have posted results from only God knows where. This can not be said to be sane.”

A good number of voters were denied their rights to vote

Adoji insisted that the future of the senatorial zone is bigger than the interest of any individual, including the Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello, whom he accused of being behind the plot.

“The future of Kogi East and by extension Nigeria is bigger than individual or partisan interest and it is the responsibility of all Nigerians, including Governor Yahaya Bello, to make sure we do not cause a breach of the peace. The genuine votes of the people must count, no matter whose ox is gored,” he added.

“We have in our custody audio and video recordings to validate complaints of state-facilitated tempering and allegations of compromise on the parts of the military, police and INEC and we shall make them available in court. We shall name and shame the unpatriotic officials who as it stands have collected bribes that should be regarded as their gratuities or retirement (or (sack) benefits as they are not fit to protect either the common or public good.

“I refuse to accept governance by fear, force and intimidation and shall fight this deploying all legitimate means possible.

“For sake of emphasis, I reject the results from the areas mentioned and shall go to all and every length to seek redress and get Justice.

For sake of emphasis, I reject the results from the areas mentioned

“I use this opportunity to extend sincere gratitude to the great Kogi Easterners who came out in the numbers and stood their grounds in some cases not minding threat to life. You have earned my respect and I shall do everything legitimately possible to recover such brazen theft of your mandate.”

“God bless you, God bless the good people of Kogi east, God bless Kogi State and God bless Nigeria and Nigerians of good conscience” Dr.  Adoji stated.


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