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God asked me in 1994 to preach message against fornication to about 500 audience across globe, says activist


…Calls for participation in movement

By Clement Adeyi

Adultery and fornication activist, Mr Julius Chima Jupadim, received a divine calling in Taiwan in 1994 to preach a message against adultery and fornication to an audience of about 500 persons.

When he answered the call, God further revealed to him that indecent dressing and exposure were other unhealthy practices among mankind. Reason?

Indecent dressing, which has seductive colouration, is adultery and fornication trigger, all of which must be preached against simultaneously.

Since Evangelist Jupadim hit the ground running in preaching the message to all nooks and crannies, with a view to actualising the mandate in obedience to the call, he has deployed several communication publicity and evangelistic tools and strategies to fulfil the mission and vision.

Though he faces diverse challenges and has achieved some measure of results, Jupadim is not yet fulfilled. He, therefore, calls on everybody, churches, religious bodies, NGOs, the government and concerned individuals to listen to him and join the crusade to kick out indecent dressing and subdue adultery and fornication in the land, for humanity to enjoy the bountiful blessings God has in stock for mankind.

In this no hold-bared interview, Jupadim, who hails from Akpo in Aguata LGA of Anambra State, tells the stories of his odyssey into the mandate with the hope that it would come to total fulfilment someday.

You are a crusader of the dangers of adultery and fornication iniquity.
How did you receive the vision? How did you start fulfilling it? What tools (instruments and strategies) did you deploy from the outset and still deploy to take it to the next level?

Yes, I champion the fight against Adultery and Fornication, not because I just want to talk about them. Instead, I vehemently preach against them because God charged me to do so. I was living and working in Taiwan ROC in the 1990s.

Precisely, in early 1994, the only black person living with me, a fellow Nigerian, Mr Tony Ejimogu, (now a pastor in Lagos), called me one morning while we were at work and said: “Chima,” and I answered: “Yes,” and he said: “God said that you should prepare a lesson on Adultery and Fornication and preach it to an audience of about 500 persons.”

Indecent dressing

And I said: “Eh!” Tony said: “That’s the message from God and it’s for you!”

Then, he turned and concentrated again on his work. For me, it was not funny at all, but because of the mysteries that were happening around me, I was compelled to accept the message but with mixed feelings. Earlier on the 13th of February 1994, after making some prayers between the hours of 3 pm and 4 pm, God, by the power of the Holy Ghost, asked me to read the Book of Joel Chapter 2. I opened it and read the whole chapter. But Verse 1 of it captured my attention the most. It reads: “Blow ye the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand;” (Authorized King James Version).


When it dawned on me that God was actually speaking to me, I surrendered completely to Him. I began to ponder if I should prepare myself and go to a theological school to enable me understand God better. But what happened to me thereafter was more than what I was thinking.

First: I lost all the money I made in Taiwan. I was mysteriously forced to use every Dollar with me to sponsor evangelism and use whatever that was left to meet the needs of the people around me there in Taiwan.
Two: In the very week I gave out the last money I had, I got sacked from my job.

At that point, I took my first fight to a police station in Taipei to lodge a complaint on how bad most company bosses treat the Black, especially Nigerians in Taiwan. But unfortunately, I was detained at the station and later at the Foreign Detention Camp for some months before I was finally deported back to Nigeria.

While in Nigeria, I began to meet clergymen and women to discuss my vision with them. However, whatever feeling each and everyone of them expressed, I only concluded that none of them saw the seriousness in the vision and mission I had gone to share with them. So, after making some fruitless efforts in meeting the men and women of God as well as other experienced christians but could not get expected responses, the Holy Spirit forced me to retreat into my room.

I spent close to six months inside the room. Throughout the period, I did not come out to interact with people. It was while I was in the room that the Holy Spirit began to handle me on the lessons on adultery and fornication, which of course, was actually a continuation of what He started while I was in Taiwan.

It was while I was in the ‘seclusion’ that I wrote the manuscript of the first major book God helped me to develop for this mission. The book is titled: “The Milk in Adultery – A Revelation,” published in 2002. But when I joined The Sun Publishing Limited in Lagos in 2003, the Lord exposed me to more materials with which I enriched the book to produce a better version of which God, this time round, gave me the title: “Abominable Iniquity – The Lesson.”

The book became the first tool God gave to me to actualise the mission. He had earlier told me to “Prepare a lesson on adultery and fornication….”
When the book was published as a part of “blowing the trumpet” effort, I organised a presentation at The Sun Newspapers’ where I had explained my mission to the staff in attendance.

Let me also recall that when I came out from the room where I had spent close to six months, I started to visit secondary schools to give the students moral lessons on why they should abhor fornication and keep away opposite sexes as friends. I produced some tracts and some other materials for that purpose. Apart from those initial steps, the strategies and efforts to achieve the goal of the mission had continued to multiply as the trend goes on.

You are also a dress well exponent and crusader. How did you get the passion and why are you passionate about it?

The gospel of “Dress Well” and that of adultery and fornication are inseparable. In fact, that is where the fight against adultery and fornication begins. Moreover, it was God that showed me the connection. When He gave me the charge that I should prepare a lesson on adultery and fornication, I had some initial challenges on how to respond.

One: What new lesson and message am I going to prepare on adultery and fornication that men and women of God all over the world have not taught and preached? Two: From where will I even start to prepare the lesson knowing too well that the topic is broad? I also pondered on many other questions.

However, I discovered that when God gives you an assignment, He also guides you on how to carry it out. So, based on those questions, the Lord, on August 13, 1994, at about 10 pm, took me on a journey in a vision. In the said vision, all of us, I mean, everybody who believes in God, came out to go to the Temple of God to worship Him. We were very serious about the mission. The road was broad and we all were seriously marching forward towards the direction of the said Temple. However, by the roadside, sat a woman who dressed indecently. Her level of indecency was so high that her undies were ‘harassingly’ exposed.

Unfortunately, when we got to the point where she sat, all of us turned our attention towards her. We all forgot where we were going. Some of us moved to meet her and began to have romance with her. Some moved closer to her but did not romance her. Some others did not move any inch away from where they stopped, but the fact remained that everyone of us turned our attention towards the direction of the woman and we forgot that we had a mission to enter the Temple of God and worship Him.

I was among those that were having romance with the woman until I belatedly remembered that we were on a mission to the Temple. It was at that point that I managed to withdraw myself from the grip of the woman. Then I looked forward and saw the Temple we were supposed to enter. It was not far from where we got stocked with the woman from hell. From that distance, I could see some of the pleasurable things going on around the magnificent Temple and I so much desired to get there. So, I decided to take a step towards the Temple. But immediately I lifted my right leg, I was taken to another dimension in the vision. At this point, I saw a narrow ladder that stretched from the Earth up into Heaven. When I looked at the ladder, I had expected to see some activities going on, but nothing was happening. I thought I would see people climbing the ladder or coming down, but there was nobody on it.


After some moments in bewilderment, a man showed his face at the uppermost rung of the ladder and looked down, perhaps to see if anyone was coming up the ladder, or maybe going down. But he did not see anybody. Disappointment was written all over his face and in anguish, he withdrew His face. But while he was withdrawing, I heard a very clear voice: “Psalm 53.” Immediately, I jumped up from my bed, picked up my Bible and opened to Psalm 53. In summary, the book says that we have all gone astray; we have all together looked back. (Recall that when we saw a woman in indecent dressing in the narrated vision, we all forgot that we were going to the Temple to worship God.

Again, the Psalm further stated that God looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any… that seek God. It added that everyone of them is gone back and altogether become filthy; “there is none that doeth good, no, not one.” (Here again, remember the face of the Man I saw at the uppermost rung of the ladder in the vision. When I contested that what I saw was the face of a man and not God, I was quickly taken to the Book of Genesis, where I was reminded that God created man in His own image and likeness, implying that what I saw was the face of God).

So, from this narrative, you will understand that I did not just develop the passion to start the fight against indecent dressing. Rather, it’s a charge from God.

Now, understand the connection between Adultery and Fornication and Indecent Dressing: When you look at a woman that is indecently dressed and her breasts, laps and other cleavages are exposed; your brain would Communicate something. Whatever your brain is configuring might lead to lust. If you cannot control yourself, you may begin to look around for a woman to sleep with, even when you are married. That notwithstanding, our Lord Jesus Christ pointed out clearly that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her, has committed adultery already in his heart.

Now back to the vision; was it not an indecently dressed woman that made us to lose our focus on God, as all of us began to lust after her on our way to the Temple? Some of us had romances (adultery and fornication) with her. While some only looked at her in admiration (lust, which Jesus Christ also equated with adultery).

If we had entered that magnificent Temple, where the Lord, our Father lives without being derailed by that woman, I do not think that we will be passing through the kind of hardship we are suffering in this current age.

What I want you to understand now is that God has come to save us if only we would cooperate with Him. He has shown us where to begin to sort out our problems. We should start by kicking out any indecently dressed woman sitting on our way so that we can focus our attention on God. This is why I am championing the fight against indecent dressing. When the battle is won, then our hearts would be free from adultery and fornication. And when our hearts become pure, then we can see God.

You have published two major books on the two issues: “Abominable Iniquity: The Lesson” and “Why You Must Dress Well.” To what extent have you used the books to disseminate the messages to the public domain?

Yes, “Why You Must Dress Well: The Mystery Of Clothing” is an offshoot of “Abominable Iniquity: The Lesson.” Both of them are on the same course. The key difference is that “Abominable Iniquity…” tells you about the calling, gives you the major visions I received on Adultery and Fornication, presents the problems as well as the spiritual and physical challenges that follow adulterers and fornicators. For example, with the revelations, you will understand why you are progressing or not progressing in whatever you are doing and many more. While “Why You Must Dress Well…” dwells on the dressing/clothing aspect of the exercise. It explains the ‘covenant’ in dressing and x-ray the mysteries that surround the clothing you put on.

The books have not been properly launched, but we shall be distributing them as the mission progresses. I am planning to upload them on the internet as ‘free to read’ books. However, the much I have given out, brought back wonderful testimonies and commendations. For instance, a friend of mine, Pastor Frank Oputa in Lagos, Nigeria, picked a copy of “Abominable Iniquity…” and after reading it, he mandated his wife and all his children to read the book. He further kept the book on the centre table in his sitting room and recommended it to every visitor to his house during the period in question.

Reverend Professor Hanson Nwokeoma, has a School of Theology in Lagos and after reading “Abominable Iniquity…” demanded that I should develop a course of study that would be part of the curriculum he runs in his school using the contents of the book. He also pleaded that I should be teaching the course in the school. One of my bosses at the Sun Newspapers confided in me that “Abominable Iniquity…” exposed him to himself and “I have decided to try and make amends.” Those were his words. The trial circulations I have made on the books have continued to generate positive results.

How would you assess your performance or impact so far?

I have spent fortune in pursuit of this cause. I have severally produced customized T-shirts and given them out to many individuals and organisations at little or no cost. I have publicly shared different varieties of stickers and tracts at different occasions with inscriptions to pass the message. I have visited many churches and schools. I have spoken at a number of youth conferences and many more. However, I can still say that nothing much has been done. But I am not deterred because I am 100 percent sure that it is God’s mission and only Him knows the best way to actualise it. And now is the time.

This year (2023) makes it three decades since you began this journey which started in Taiwan R.O.C. How fulfilled are you in the journey so far?

I am not fulfilled at all. Sometimes I feel the frustration Noah felt when he was pleading to people of his era to get into the Ark God asked him to build and take in all that would repent of their sins, but nobody listened to him, but when the flood had lifted the Ark up beyond their reach and they wanted to jump into it, by then, it was already too late for them to get into the Ark. It was only Noah and members of his household alone that were saved. Whenever I feel frustrated, I would remember the Noah’s frustration and then console myself that such has happened before.
Another thing that keeps me going is Moses’s case. Moses began his divine assignment at the age of 80 and I will be 60 by February next year. So, if God was preparing Moses till he clocked 80 years, then I consider myself as a project in the hands of God. If Moses could endure till the end of his training at 80 years, I, too can endure?

You have a column in Sunday Sun where you pass the Dress Well message to people. What is your assessment of the publication on the mission and vision?

Yes, the column, “Witness Box” ran for several years in the Sunday Sun Newspapers, starting from 2012. It was running in line with “Fashion Court” a comic side of condemning indecent dressing in the society, while my column, “Witness Box” would present each week a personality in the society who dresses well and or, have said something positive in condemning indecent dressing. Both columns would oftentimes take the centre spread of each edition of the publication. The column was a delight of many readers every Sunday. The column would always be published with my phone number. Every Sunday and throughout the week, my phone would be buzzing with calls. People would be calling to thank me for the effort I was making in giving people the opportunity to speak against indecent dressing.

Others would call to air their opinions, while few would call to tell me to mind my business. For me, it was an awesome experience. That opportunity helped me to realize that if the fight against indecent dressing is properly organised, many people will join the campaign.
Meanwhile, from the several callers I got as people reacted every week on the publications, I called for a workshop in 2013 in Lagos, where I addressed the participants on the need to form a joint force and begin to campaign against indecent dressing. Unfortunately, that group was not sustained due to some logistics I could not handle at the time.
When I relocated to Aba in Abia State, Nigeria in 2014, while the Sun Newspaper publications continued to run, I started contributing also to the Rex Newspapers, a Sunday – Sunday publication of C.K.C. Catholic Church, Aba. I had a full page every week, where I replicated the “Witness Box” under a major column I titled: “In the Dock”.
While the Sunday Sun publications were hitting the reading public nationwide, the Rex Newspapers, with my work, was doing its part, reaching the audience it’s meant for. My column’s in both newspapers really did a lot in the lives of people.

Indecent dressing is unarguably on the increase, especially in African countries, particularly in the Nigerian societies. Not only unmarried ladies, girls, women but also married ones go out half clad in public places, including churches. This scenario compels more work for you and the church. How do you intend to work more and in what ways would you want the church, too, to assist? Are you thinking of collaboration to emphasise crusades on the disgusting phenomenon?

I want to state it categorically here that indecent dressing is a global malady and it’s raising astronomically in all corners of the world, not only in Africa. And talking about collaboration with the church? Yes! That’s what it’s supposed to be to subdue this evil, but it has not been easy working with the church. I have tried to work with many church organisations but I realised that most of their leaders do not actually want to key into the vision.
In Aba, Abia State, for instance, I got an express permission from the Methodist Church after discussing the mission with the then Arch Bishop and successfully defended the proposal at the Church Synod, to take the campaign to all the parishes under their Circuit. Happily, I began the movement with them, but unfortunately, it was only three parishes I had visited when the effort was indirectly halted.
At the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 15, a certain Regional pastor and his wife assisted me greatly. But later, some pastors under him became stumbling blocks to the programme. Even when I travelled to the Redemption Camp in Ogun State to meet my General Overseer or his wife to share my vision with them, the door was not opened for me.
The truth is that it has not been easy fighting indecent dressing through the church. Many ministers of God see the malady in different ways. For some of them, it’s “allow the children of God to express themselves before their Father. After all, His Grace has covered us and we will all be in heaven by the end of the day.” For some others, their desire is to see their congregation multiplying in numbers. What they wear to church or move about with, does not really matter to them.

Apart from church, which other organisations have you reached out to in carrying out the campaign?

I have taken proposals to wives of some state governors but I didn’t get any positive response. I have gone to meet key officials of the Ministry of Cultural and whatever in some states, but got no positive answer. My experience with the Ministry of Education in Lagos, Nigeria, should be a story for another day. I prepared and printed a set of calendar in 2009 as well as stickers, all speaking against indecent dressing, and packaged them with a proposal and took the package to the National Film and Censor Board in Lagos, pleading that the proposal should be considered so that I could begin to address officially the cases of indecent dressing in the Nigerian film industry. But the proposal could not see the light of day. The 500 copies of the calendar I designed to suit the programme and the board were dumped and wasted.

God has given you a mandate to blow the trumpet against adultery and fornication and establish holiness. In what other ways do you hope to do this in support of the programmes already on ground?

I have designed different strategies to carry on with the mission; one of which is getting this particular interview being published, while praying that it will get to the hands of people who God has prepared to join me in “Blowing the Trumpet” against Indecent Dressing, Adultery and Fornication. I thank God that this interview will be reaching the world via the Internet. Now tell me, which pulpit is bigger than the Internet today? I don’t think there is any yet. The Internet is the global church we have as at today, which means that not just the church or the government organs will lay hands on this interview, but in fact, the greater majority. The Destiny Helpers for this mission may not necessarily come from the church or the government, it could be anybody out there and it is only the Internet, with the help of God, that can fish such people out. This is one reason I am happy with this development.
Apart from the newspaper publications, I have designed different types of stickers. The stickers could be pasted on the doors of family houses, offices, schools, and other public places where the message of “Dress Well” is taken to. I gave out some stickers and people are using them, pasting them on the windscreens of their vehicles, as well as the back glasses.
I designed some customized exercise books for pupils and students with both the front cover and the back page instructing them to learn to dress well. The idea is to catch them young before the society will corrupt their minds.
I also produced special hand bags designed to convey the message of Dress Well. I equally designed customized T-shirts for the same purpose. There are different sizes of flexes, which could be hung in churches, town halls, bus stops and in other public places.
I designed roll up standing flannels, which can be placed in banking halls, super markets, reception rooms of companies and corporate organisations and many more.

I have samples of specially designed framed portraits, which company directors and bosses can place in their offices. Individuals can as well place them in their homes. Pastors and many others can place them in their offices as well.

I have samples of calendars I produced in the past. So, special calendars can be produced in the current year for people to hang them in their houses and offices.
The whole of the back screen of my car is covered with a transparent flex designed to inform whoever that is following me at the back, anytime I am driving, the need to dress well, while the windscreen of the same car has a sticker on it, passing the same message.

There are many more. When I get collaborators, we shall initiate jingles on radios and televisions. We will take up major billboards in major towns and cities and use them in championing the campaign. The idea is, by the time we saturate the land with messages against indecent dressing to the point that anywhere one looks or turns, one will hear or read the message of dressing well, then the message would penetrate properly. I strongly believe that when we hit more grounds, the Almighty God will complete the divine assignment.

When God gave you the mandate, did He give you a target number of people that you must passage the message of adultery and fornication to?

Yes, indeed. He charged me to preach the message to “an audience of about 500 persons.” Personally, I don’t know what the “about 500 persons” stand for. But my prayer is that after getting or reading this message; ask God what you should do? And if your heart convinces you that you have heard the truth, then do not fail to get in contact with me so that we can champion this cause together to the Glory of God and for the benefits of the entire humanity. Who knows? You might be the best hand God is looking for to actualise this project.

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